Graphic Design / Illustration

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Graduating from the Butera School of Art I studied Commercial Art and Art History. After living in Vermont and working in the sign industry, I returned home and enrolled into Clark Universities Web Design program.  Shortly after I had my first advertising position. Flash forward to now.  

For nearly 20 years I have taken projects on from branding pitches to web design, digital illustrations to online banner advertisement and although I am a extremely proficient graphic designer my natural talent as an illustrator is something I cherish and incorporate into my work whenever I have the chance. Which means you will receive original, custom artwork with every project.

Aside from graphic design and illustration, I have also written radio and TV scripts for numerous clients over my 20 in the advertising field. Storyboards, props, voice overs and the occasional guest spot on a commercial. 

Currently writing an original screenplay for motion picture and/or cable series based off of original graphic novel Scarred by God.